3 Activities to do to Fill Dull Travel Hours

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We all dread those long hours of air travel time. Many of us turn to sleep to fill in the hours while others tend to stay awake. How about those hours when riding the bus or the train to get to the remote town you’ve always wanted to visit?

In New Zealand, you can just stare out the plane window or car window. Marvel on the amazing vistas of New Zealand’s nature, Greenlands, lakes, beaches, long roads, and even cosmopolitan cities.

But if you are thinking of other activities to do, not just to kill time but to own it, here are some suggestions we have.

Meditate or Yoga

featured image 3 Activities to do to Fill Dull Travel Hours. Meditate or Yoga - 3 Activities to do to Fill Dull Travel Hours

It might sound crazy to exercise while you are on vacation.

But unlike regular exercises like weightlifting and jogging, you don’t need much strenuous movement with yoga and meditation. Also, did you know that the best places to do these activities are located here in New Zealand?

Have you ever been to Milford Sound? It is a remote fjord located in the South Island that shelters one of the most peaceful and beautiful inlets in the world. You’ll see the indentation of a shoreline embraced by small mountains and cliffs.

There are several spots in the area perfect to do yoga. You become one with nature with only the sound of river flow and the breeze to accompany you. You also see your reflection clearly in the water along with all the other beautiful creations near you. If you have some time to spare, why not do these activities.

You can’t go wrong with New Zealand yoga retreats. Book with KT Sightseeing today and we’ll take you to the best yoga spots in the country.

Online Gaming

featured image 3 Activities to do to Fill Dull Travel Hours. Online Gaming - 3 Activities to do to Fill Dull Travel Hours

Online gaming and gambling, in general, is given the green light in New Zealand. However, there are extensive laws to follow for both the players and operators. Many of our clients said that playing casino games, either for money or for free is fun, thrilling, and exciting.

We didn’t understand what the fuss was all about until we tried it ourselves. We visited Spin live casino and played a couple of games, mostly poker and blackjack. After a couple of rounds of losing and barely winning, we found out what the excitement is all about.

Playing online casino games is a great way to pass the time. You don’t need to move at all and all you need is a smartphone and internet connection. There’s now data connection everywhere you go, so you are covered in both factors.

You can just visit your online casino website of choice and choose from hundreds of casino games.

Here at KT Sightseeing, we will make sure there is not one dull second or moment during your vacation. Book a sightseeing or wine tour today.