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The Best River Belle Casino Games to Play

We’ve asked our many clients here in KT Sightseeing about the activities they do to pass time during travel hours. Some of them said they sleep it off while others say they read. Some even shared they write stuff about the places they visited, the food they ate, and the people they met. But most of our clients said they went to the casino, the online casino. Online gambling is a top activity among our

3 Activities to do to Fill Dull Travel Hours

We all dread those long hours of air travel time. Many of us turn to sleep to fill in the hours while others tend to stay awake. How about those hours when riding the bus or the train to get to the remote town you’ve always wanted to visit? In New Zealand, you can just stare out the plane window or car window. Marvel on the amazing vistas of New Zealand’s nature, Greenlands, lakes, beaches,

The Best Wine Regions in New Zealand

New Zealand is a haven for wine lovers and enthusiasts. Did you know that there are more than 2000 wineries in New Zealand? The country, not that many people know it, produces the best wine products that are loved by people all over the globe including renowned chefs and sommeliers. If you want to book a wine-themed vacation or holiday, KT Sightseeing will take you to the best wine regions. Here’s a list of the