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Did you ever dream of working as a professional traveller? Hopping from one place to another, flying from one country to another and sharing your experience with the world. If you did and still do, then this is your chance.

KT Sightseeing is looking for travel writers to join our team today. We need to travel bugs to produce more travel blogs for KT Sightseeing.

How to apply

All you have to do is create 3 sample travel articles. They can be existing content, or you can write all three from scratch. All 3 articles must be based on your own experience and not sourced from other content online.

You can write about whatever place or site you’ve been to. Compile all articles into a brief travel portfolio and make sure to include your most updated resume. Submit all documents to info@ktsightseeing.co.nz.


Job Requirements

All applicants must be 21 years old or above. You must have an active passport and the necessary valid identification documentation. All applicants must have complete mastery of the English language in terms of written, verbal, and comprehension. Applicant must have a driver’s license and no pending criminal charges.